These are documents outlining certain processes as contributed by our campus users.  User discretion advised.

Molecular orbitals printed in the lab
3D Printing Molecular Orbitals Superimposed on Molecular Structures - Nate Hirscher, Chris Reed 

General 3D Printing in the Library - Daan Speth
Slic3r Settings for Printing w/ MAKEiT Pro-M - Daan Speth


3dp_advanced_thumb.PNGIntro to 3D Printing - Advanced Techniques - presented by Russell Singer, Development Director, MAKEiT Inc.

Creating STL file for 3D Printing from MATLAB surface elevation data - Georgy Manucharyan

  • Package - March 2017
       - ZIP includes an example MATLAB script (penny_STL_example.m) and necessary fuctions (stlwrite.m & surf2solid.m)
       - Comments are included in the example script to provide a straightforward walkthrough within MATLAB