Slicing your model

The general 3D printing workflow starts with a 3D model, exported as an .STL file, which is then put into software (Cura) that slices it into layers and outputs a GCODE file. GCODE is basically a set of instructions/toolpaths for the machines to follow.

​Cura is one of many applications (Simplify3D, Slic3r, MatterControl, etc) that slices your STL into layers and converts it to printer-specific GCODE. Cura is a free, open-source software which can be installed and downloaded here:


Installing Custom Printer Definitions

  1. Download 'crafbot.def.json' file here:
  2. Add our custom Cura definition file 'crafbot.def.json' to Cura's 'definitions' folder:
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.9.1\resources\definitions
    • Mac:  Applications > Ultimaker Cura > right click, 'Show Package Contents' > Contents > Resources > resources > definitions
    • Linux: Copy [printername].def.json files into ~/.local/share/cura/4.9.1/definitions (In Terminal, cp -a [location saved]/definitions/. ~/.local/share/cura/4.9.1/definitions)restart AppImage
  3. Run Cura

Adding Printers to Cura

  1. Go to Settings > Printer > Add a non-networked printer...
  2. Scroll down to CraftUnique > CraftBot Plus
  3. Add Printer

Setting Extruder Settings

  1. Go to Settings > Printer > Manage Printers
  2. Select CraftBot Plus > Machine Settings
  3. Go to Extruder tab on the right hand side
  4. Under Nozzle Settings > Compatible material diameter > Set to 1.75mm > Close

Using Cura

  1. Load your STL or OBJ file
  2. Manipulate your model as necessary (rotate, scale, etc)
    • NOTE: Our profiles have been preloaded with optimized settings designed to work well for most prints.  Please do not alter them until you familiarize yourself with how our printers operate.  
      • Recommended Default Settings:
        • Layer Height: 0.2mm
        • Wall Thickness: 0.8 mm
        • Infill Percentage: 20%
        • Print Temperature: 210° C
        • Bed Temperature: 60° C
        • Print Speed: 45 mm/s
  3. Click 'Prepare' (bottom right corner)
  4. 'Save to File/Save to Removable Drive' (save as GCODE)

    For a more thorough overview, please refer to the in-depth guides located at the Ultimaker Cura website: