As usual, the Library is collecting lists of assigned books for course reserves from instructors via Adopt-a-text. Please log in to Adopt-a-text to request reserves and email adoptatext [at] with any questions. For assigned articles and other non-book materials, please email library [at] to request electronic course reserves.

Since physical books on course reserve will be unavailable to students studying from home, the Library will attempt to acquire a digital copy whenever possible. When none is available for purchase, the Library will digitize material for use as a digital course reserve.

Library staff will be in touch to check which portions of books are necessary for the course. The Library’s scanning capacity is limited, so adoption of existing digital resources is strongly encouraged where possible. For that reason, and to comply with copyright law, please do not request greater portions than are necessary for your educational goals.

Digitized material will be hosted by the Library. When content is ready, the Library will send you a URL to share with your class. You will also receive a password that students will need for file access. At the end of the quarter, the Library will delete all scanned copyrighted material unless it has obtained permission from the copyright holder to retain it.

There will be no charge for the use of this service.