The Caltech Library provides campus delivery of eligible materials to Caltech faculty and staff. Graduate students and post-docs are also eligible for the service if they have an office address on campus. Undergraduate students are not eligible for the service.

The service includes Caltech Library materials as well as interlibrary loan materials requested through DocuServe. The service does not include non-circulating items, microfiche, or electronic devices such as laptops.   

Once registered, qualifying material will automatically be delivered to the indicated designated location. This can take up to one business day, upon arrival of the material. 




Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get articles or book chapters?

Articles and book chapters that you request through DocuServe will be available electronically.  You will receive an email that the request has been filled and a link to access the PDF.

Why do I still have to choose a pick up location when I place a hold?

Unfortunately, the Library does not yet have an option to add a "Campus Delivery" location to the drop down menu. But please rest assured, as long as you are registered for campus delivery, we will deliver your requested book regardless of what you choose as a pickup location.

What if I don't want it delivered to my office but an assistant's office?

This is possible. The book will be checked out to the person who makes the request but we can deliver it to assistant's office. We recommend you be as precise as possible regarding the delivery location. 

How is it checked out to me?

Once you make the request and we locate the item in our collection (or in the case of interlibrary loan, receive the book from the lending library), we will check it out to you before we deliver it.

What items are not available for campus delivery?

  • Non-circulating materials such as reference books.
  • Microfiche
  • eDevices like laptops, Kindles, and iPads
  • Course reserves

How do I return these items?

You can return Caltech Library books to any of our libraries or dropboxes on campus. Campus mail is also an option but delivering it to any of our locations is always the safest choice.

If you requested something through interlibrary loan (DocuServe), you must return these books directly to the Sherman Fairchild Library circulation desk. Since these books do not belong to the Caltech Library, we must ensure they are returned to the owning library.

Can I change my delivery location?

Absolutely. You can change it at any time by sending an email to circ [at] detailing the change. 

What if I do not receive the item?

If you do not receive the item, after receiving an email that it was delivered, please contact the Caltech Library immediately. We will verify the delivery location on record and do a search for it. It may take up to one full business day for the book to be delivered.