We are currently updating our website. Please see our COVID-19 Reopening Plans for updated access and borrowing policies.

These updated policies currently supercede this page as of July 1, 2021.

The Caltech Library extends borrowing privileges to specific groups of users as defined below. Members of the Caltech community can activate their library accounts by logging in with their access.caltech credentials.  If you are having problems logging in, please contact circ [at] library.caltech.edu.   Affiliates of Caltech may register only between the hours of 8am and 4:00pm weekdays at the SFL circulation desk. Please call ahead (626-395-3405) to verify staff availability and bring this completed form (PDF iconMASTER NON-CIT REG FORM (Caltech Affliates, Borrowers).pdf)

Privileges regarding length of loan, ability to renew, and place holds will vary for each group. Specifics can be found on the borrowing details page.

Note: Due to COVID we are currently facilitating loans to Caltech members with an active Caltech ID ONLY. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at library [at] caltech.edu or call the 626-395-3405.

Updated: 10-08-20

Caltech Community

All members of the Caltech community are granted library borrowing privileges. Individuals requesting borrowing privileges will be expected to show valid Caltech picture identification. 

  • Caltech Faculty
  • Caltech Postdoctoral Scholars
  • Caltech Graduate Students
  • Caltech Undergraduate Students
  • Caltech Staff
  • Caltech Trustees
  • Caltech Emeritus Faculty

Caltech Affiliates (Alumni, JPL Staff, etc) 

The Caltech Library extends borrowing privileges beyond the Caltech community on a selective basis. Individuals of the groups listed below should present proper identification showing their affiliation and must register for access at the SFL Circulation Desk between 8am and 4:00pm weekdays. The cost for the affiliate card, except for alumni members, is $5.00 (with a card replacement fee of $15.00). Please call ahead (626-395-3405) to confirm staff availability or for more information. 

Those who qualify for a borrower's card may not bring guests into the Sherman Fairchild Library during evening and weekend hours.  If a Caltech affiliate with a borrower card does this, their card and privileges may be revoked.

For those without an access.caltech account, information on accessing electronic resources can be found on the Computing Resources Policy page

  • JPL regular staff
  • Caltech extended community
    • Caltech/JPL retired staff
    • Caltech Secondary and Postsecondary Summer Program Students
    • Caltech Volunteers (Caltech ID required)
    • Immediate Family Members (spouses/domestic partner and children 15 years of age or older) of Caltech Faculty, Graduate Students, and Staff
      • Minor children must be accompanied by their Caltech family member at all times
    • Caltech Faculty Proxy Borrowers
      • Current Caltech Staff ID and faculty signature required.
    • Caltech Associates
    • Lifetime Caltech Alumni Association Members
    • Caltech Earthquake Associates
      • Borrowing in Geology Library only. Contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 626-395-3298.
    • Thirty Meter Telescope Staff
  • External academic community
    • Carnegie Observatories Staff
    • Huntington Library Readers
    • ArtCenter College of Design students and faculty (must initiate application at ArtCenter)