The Caltech Library Techlab provides members of the Caltech community hands-on acces to innovative rapid prototyping technologies to support the Institute's research and educational mission.

To meet the needs of the Caltech community in response to COVID-19, the Caltech Library Techlab will transition from an open-access lab to a mediated 3D printing service in junction with current Caltech policies and public health officials.

At this time:

• Mediated printing services will be available for class and research purposes only. Current Techlab Registered users will receive an email newsletter when this service becomes available.
• New User Training has been postponed until further notice.


Updated: May 26, 2020



  • Chain links designed by one of our undergrads using #blender3d, printed on a @deezmaker #bukito .
  • Low-Poly Bulbasaur Planter from @Thingiverse
  • Bust of Nefertiti, from @thinigiverse

  • MRI -> 3D model -> STL -> 3D Print
  • PDB Structure: 1VDF | "Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein Coiled-Coil domain, aka COMPcc"
  • Prototypes of a silicon valve mold, version 10 - Designed by one of our grad students for his research