For current Caltech students, Faculty, and Staff

Free-printing allowance: $25 per academic term

10¢ per sheet for black and white

20¢ per sheet for color

Maximum single print-job size (because of printer limitations) will be 200 pages or 100MB, whichever is less.

Charges exceeding the free-printing allowance will be charged to your Bursar’s account or to a PTA account at the end of the calendar quarter. All printing will be charged.

Printing Policy for other borrowers

Printing is only available to current Caltech students, faculty, and staff.

Policy revised: October 1, 2015


Check your printing credit balance at

The library strongly encourages patrons to monitor their printing allowance. Patrons should print only for themselves. If a file must be printed for each member of a group, please inform group members of the file's network location, and let each print their own copy using their personal printing allowance.

Excessive printing may result in the library contacting patrons to ensure understanding of the policy.