Faculty Book Donation Policy

At this time, the Caltech Library will only accept donations from our current and past faculty . If you are interested in supporting the Caltech Library, please visit our Friends of the Caltech Libraries page.

The Library only accepts unconditional book donations from Caltech faculty with no special restrictions; such as placement, treatment, or any other requirements. The Library reserves the right to refuse book donations. All faculty book donations will be reviewed by appropriate personnel and review of materials will be conducted in faculty offices. Only those materials that meet the needs of the Library and are in good physical condition will be taken and added to the collection. For very large collections, the Library may request an inventory list to facilitate the donation assessment.

If requested, the Library acknowledges gifts by letter with a count of the items received. Library personnel will not provide an itemized list, appraisals or estimates of the value of donated materials. If the donor provides an itemized list of the donation, it will be included with the acknowledgement. It is the donor’s responsibility to place a value on gift items as required for tax reporting purposes. Donors are referred to IRS publication #561 for further information.

Guide for Donating Materials from Faculty Offices

  • The Library appreciates donations of books & technical reports.
  • The Library cannot accept journals.
  • To discuss or schedule an office assessment of materials, please contact your liaison librarian or email library AT caltech.edu.
  • If you feel you have something rare or potentially unique, please contact the Caltech Archives.
  • For personal papers, please contact the Caltech Archives.

Revised January 3, 2017