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The Caltech library runs a campus-wide data repository to preserve the accomplishments of Caltech researchers and share their results with the world.  The service enables researchers to upload research data, link data with their publications, and assign a permanent DOI so that others can reference the data set.  The repository can link with a Github account to automatically preserve software releases.  Access the repository at



1/9/17 - The login issue is now resolved.

11/15/17 - CaltechDATA now offers a citation alert service!  We automatically add citations of CaltechDATA DOIs found in published papers to your CaltechDATA record.  If you provide an email address for the "Contact Person" we'll also send you an email with each new citation.  The terms of deposit have been updated to reflect this new service.

10/4/17 - Users can edit metadata for their CaltechDATA records.  Email us at data [at] if you need to edit files.

10/2/17 - CaltechDATA welcomes the Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON).  See their custom repository home page at

6/2/17 - CaltechDATA has officially launched!

5/18/17- CaltechDATA now supports Shibboleth (IMSS access.caltech) logins.  All Caltech users can log in at by clicking "Login with a Caltech account".  Beta user can log in by entering their existing CaltechDATA user name and password or by clicking "Login with a Caltech account".

4/11/17 - Write API is now operational.  Email us at data [at] if you want automatically submit data sets.

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Known Issues

  • Formatting and linking of subject, contributor, and fields with multiple entries is suboptimal.

Upcoming Features

  • Pre-populated user information in deposit form.
  • Recommended citations for records.

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