Enhanced software preservation now available in CaltechDATA!

Friday, March 09, 2018


CaltechDATA has supported automatic preservation of GitHub software repositories since launch, so anyone at Caltech can get a DOI (permanent identifier) for their software project and have Caltech Library handle long term preservation. However, most GitHub repositories do not include clear metadata such as authors, affiliations, or ORCID identifiers. CaltechDATA now supports CodeMeta, a new standard format for software metadata. By including a codemeta.json file in your GitHub repo, your full author list, keywords, and license will be listed in CaltechDATA and registered with your DOI.

This improvement is powered by ames, a Python package for automating metadata changes developed at Caltech Library. Every 5 minutes, ames harvests all the GitHub-created records in CaltechDATA and stores them using dataset (our lightweight data storage package). These records are then analyzed for codemeta.json files.  If a CodeMeta file is found, the relevant metadata is extracted and added to the CaltechDATA record and DOI. We currently support authors, keywords, and license fields - but more will be added as a community of practice develops. We’re also exploring better ways to generate CodeMeta files as part of the software release process.



CaltechDATA powers the GPS thesis map!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

View locations from Geological and Planetary Science division theses.  CaltechDATA now contains hundreds of historic plates and maps that were supplements to theses.  From the map interface you can see all the items that have geocoordinates.  Want your thesis to show up on the map?  Send us an email at data [at] caltech.edu.

TechLab Updates - Winter 2018

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Greetings TechLab Users,

We hope your holidays were nice and merry!  Here are some updates to the TechLab.

1.  Addition of Research-Only printers!

We've added 4 new Craftbots to our fleet.  These printers are designated for research-only jobs.  
They are located in TechLab 2.  Craftbot R-1 to R-3 are walk-in printers and Craftbot R-4 is reserved for flexible filament, by request only.

2.  New Cura 3 profiles available!

Please update your Cura software to Cura 3.  The new Cura is much improved and user-friendly.  Please report any bugs to us.
Instructions on installing can accessed here:  https://www.library.caltech.edu/3d-printing/using-cura-3

3.  No more queuing!

We've noted your feedback on 3DprinterOS and are reverting back to the walk-in USB printing model.  
There is a white binder in each room with a sign-in sheet.  Please sign in every time you come in to print.  
We will keep 3DprinterOS for the streaming webcam service until we find a suitable replacement.  You will still be able to check the live feeds for an available printer and to monitor your prints.

4.  Have you heard about the Caltech Association of Makers?

Meetings are every Wednesday at 8PM in the SFL MCR.  For more information, check out http://caltechmaker.club.  There is also a mailing list you can join at https://lists.caltech.edu/listinfo/caltech-makers.

5.  Intro to Onshape - February 14, 2018 & again on February 21 | 2PM-3:30PM.  

Onshape is a cloud-based CAD modeling program, similar to SolidWorks.  This session is intended for absolute newcomers to 3D Modeling.  It will introduce the Onshape interface and basic concepts.  Please register at https://libguides.caltech.edu/instruction and create an OnShape account (EDU or Basic) prior to attending

As usual, don't hesitate to email me for any questions, issues, comments or requests.


CaltechDATA now offers a citation alert service

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

CaltechDATA now offers a citation alert service! We automatically add citations of CaltechDATA DOIs found in published papers to your CaltechDATA record. If you provide an email address for the "Contact Person" we'll also send you an email with each new citation. The terms of deposit have been updated to reflect this new service.

Users can edit metadata for their CaltechDATA records

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Users can edit metadata for their CaltechDATA records. Email us at data [at] caltech.edu if you need to edit files.

CaltechDATA welcomes the Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON)

Monday, October 02, 2017

CaltechDATA welcomes the Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON). See their custom repository home page at tccondata.org

CaltechDATA now supports Shibboleth (IMSS access.caltech) logins

Thursday, May 18, 2017

All Caltech users can log in at data.caltech.edu/login by clicking "Login with a Caltech account".  Beta user can log in by entering their existing CaltechDATA user name and password or by clicking "Login with a Caltech account".

Write API is now operational.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Email us at data [at] caltech.edu if you want automatically submit data sets.

CaltechDATA Beta is Open!

Thursday, March 02, 2017

CaltechDATA is now open to Beta users.  Send us an email at data [at] caltech.edu if you'd like to test out the service.