Trials & New Databases from HeinOnline

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Monday, September 09, 2019 Heather



The Library is currently providing access to some new content from the political science publisher, HeinOnline. Thanks to a faculty request, the Library will provide access to the following HeinOnline databases through September 2019:

Additionally, because the Library already subscribes to other HeinOnline databases, the publisher is providing free access to the following new databases:

Here are some highlights from Caltech Library's HeinOnline holdings:

Check out all of the Library's HeinOnline content and library [at] (let us know) what you think. Thoughts on the trialing resources are particularly welcome! 

CaltechDATA now provides usage information to DataCite

Wednesday, August 07, 2019



We now submit usage reports of views and downloads that follow the COUNTER Code of Practice to DataCite.  This allows you to see use over time in DataCite Search for any record in CaltechDATA by using the DOI: e.g. 

Support for Running Software Interactively using Binder

Friday, June 21, 2019


CaltechDATA is now a source of content for Binder, an open source service that allows you to interactively run software in your web browser.  Software that runs successfully on Binder will get a Binder badge on their CaltechDATA landing page like  Binder can run Python, R, and Julia code in a variety of interfaces and has extensive documentation.  Want help preparing your software?  Sign up for our workshop or ask for help by emailing data [at]  If your CaltechDATA record is ready for a Binder badge, send us an email at data [at] for approval.

Usage statistics listed in CaltechDATA

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


We now list unique views and downloads on every CaltechDATA item page.  We follow the COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data Usage Metrics to define usage of our data files.  All usage tracking is via JavaScript using matomo, so our usage statistics definitely undercount actual usage.  Automated downloads from applications like curl or individuals who disable JavaScript manually or via an ad blocker are not included.  Research has shown this may be up to 60% of repository usage, and we hope to capture more of this usage in the future.  More info on usage statistics in CaltechDATA.

CaltechDATA and CaltechTHESIS automatic links

Friday, March 29, 2019


CaltechDATA now automatically includes links to theses in the CaltechTHESIS repository.  If you’re writing a thesis at Caltech, it’s easy to include data files and software: 

1. Upload files to CaltechDATA as you write your thesis or activate automatic Github preservation.  
2. When you submit your thesis to CaltechTHESIS, include the CaltechDATA DOIs in the Related URL section with type DOI.  
3. Once your thesis is approved, your thesis DOI will appear in CaltechDATA within 24 hours. 

Access to some Ovid articles temporarily unavailable

Wolters Kluwer Ovid
Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The publisher Wolters Kluwer has notified the library that some current articles on the Ovid journal website may unavailable. While the link to the article is displayed on the Ovid platform, users will see a ‘Linked article not available’ message after clicking the link. A list of journals that may be affected is available from the Journals list

Wolters Kluwer and Ovid expect the links to be functional by mid-week. We will update this notification when the issue has been resolved.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please library [at]">contact the library for help accessing articles or to report a problem. 

Recommended citation now available in CaltechDATA

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

All CaltechDATA records now include a recommended citation as part of the description field.  A link to the citation in different citation styles is also available.  A recommended citation will appear on new records approximatly 10 minutes after the record is submitted.  This service is powered by CrossCite and the DataCite metadata we register as part of the DOI creation process. See an example at

Caltech logins restored

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Caltech logins to CaltechDATA have now been restored; thanks to IMSS for their assistance troubleshooting the problem.

Caltech login outage

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

We are experiencing an issue using Caltech logins to access CaltechDATA.  If you need to submit files while we investigate the problem, email us at data [at]