Off-Campus (Proxied) Access Temporarily Down

Tuesday, December 04, 2018


12/6/2018 Update: Access to the library's resources via proxy has been restored. Please report any further problems to library [at]


Access to the library's eresources from off-campus (or via links that log users through a proxy window) is temporarily down due to a security error. IMSS and the Library are working on this problem now and will keep working until the problem is solved. 

In the meantime, users may access resources by going to the "Advanced" settings on the error screen that's shown. Under that menu, click the option to "Proceed to the link (unsafe)" or "Visit the site (unsafe)". This action will bypass the security certificate access. Users should only need to go through this process one time per session to avoid future error pages. The Library will update this post when the problem has been fixed (or if other updates come.)
Screenshot of Proxy Error Page