Presentations from the January 9, 2017 Symposium at Caltech

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   Imagining a Reproducible Scholarly Record

Victoria Stodden (@victoriastodden), Associate Professor of Statistics, School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois. Stodden co-chairs the NSF Advisory Committee for CyberInfrastructure and is a member of the NSF Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Advisory Committee. She is co-PI on the NSF Whole Tale project to support reproducible science through technologies and interfaces that support linking research publications to associated data and communicating the research inquiry process.


  10 ideas about the future of science that I find exciting!!

Titus Brown (@ctitusbrown), Associate Professor of Population Health and Reproduction, UC Davis Genome Center and Director of the Lab for Data Intensive Biology at UC Davis.  Dr. Brown's research group practices open science as they work on questions around biological data analysis, data integration, and data sharing. Dr. Brown is an alumnus of Caltech and has led Data and Software Carpentry training for campus researchers and library professionals.


  The Scientific Paper of the Future: Reproducible Research,  Open Science, and Digital Scholarship

Yolanda Gil (@yolandagil), Research Professor of Computer Science, USC, PI of the Interactive Knowledge Capture research group and Associate Division Director for Research of the Intelligent Systems Division at USC's Information Sciences Institute. Dr. Gil's research focuses on Scientific Discovery and Semantic Workflows, Provenance and Trust, Social Knowledge Creation, and Interactive Knowledge Capture. She is co-chair of the Geoscience Papers of the Future Initiative, an NSF-funded EarthCube OntoSoft project, which provides training to scientists on best practices of reproducible papers, open science, and digital scholarship.


  LIGO as BIG SCIENCE with Open Data

Alan Weinstein, Professor of Physics, Caltech. Dr. Weinstein leads the gravitational wave astrophysical data analysis group at LIGO Laboratory and directs the LIGO Open Science Center.


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