DimensionsDimensions is a new searchable citation database of publications, grantspatents and clinical trials, the relationships between them, and a variety of analytical views. It provides both keyword search and the ability to filter by a variety of bibliographic attributes.

Dimensions is available in two versions: a more limited, free, public version consisting of the publications database; and the full version, Dimensions Plus, which is restricted to authenticated users. The full version of Dimensions is accessible by the Caltech community by accessing the URL from any IP address in the caltech.edu domain; by accessing the URL through the Caltech VPN service; or by logging in using Caltech Access credentials. Both the free version and Dimensions Plus are at the URL https://app.dimensions.ai/.

Dimensions Plus provides access to the grants, patents and clinical trials databases and associated filters and analytical views. Grant information is culled from a wide range of international sources and is linked to associated publications and patents. A variety of queries and analytical views of grant information is available. For example, a list of grants awarded to Caltech PIs active in 2018.

Dimensions Plus also includes an API that can be used to develop custom reports to supplement the filters and analytical views that are provided.

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