CaltechDATA Welcomes the Caltech HTE Materials Experiment and Analysis Database

February 3, 2022
CaltechDATA is pleased to welcome over 17,000 records from the Caltech High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) group. The Materials Experiment and Analysis Database (MEAD) was...

CaltechDATA now provides usage information to DataCite

August 7, 2019
    We now submit usage reports of views and downloads that follow the COUNTER Code of Practice to ...

Support for Running Software Interactively using Binder

June 21, 2019
  CaltechDATA is now a source of content for Binder, an open source service that allows you to interactively run software in your web browser...

Usage statistics listed in CaltechDATA

June 12, 2019
  We now list unique views and downloads on every CaltechDATA item page.  We follow the COUNTER Code of...

CaltechDATA and CaltechTHESIS automatic links

March 29, 2019
  CaltechDATA now automatically includes links to theses in the CaltechTHESIS repository.  If you’re writing a thesis at Caltech, it’s easy to include data files and software:  1...

Recommended citation now available in CaltechDATA

February 19, 2019
All CaltechDATA records now include a recommended citation as part of the description field.  A link to the citation in different citation styles is also available.  A recommended...

Caltech logins restored

January 9, 2019
Caltech logins to CaltechDATA have now been restored; thanks to IMSS for their assistance troubleshooting the problem.

Caltech login outage

January 8, 2019
We are experiencing an issue using Caltech logins to access CaltechDATA.  If you need to submit files while we investigate the problem, email us at ...

CaltechDATA back to normal operation

December 15, 2018
DataCite has completed its scheduled maintenance and CaltechDATA has returned to normal operation.

Scheduled Maintenance: Delayed DOI Minting

December 11, 2018
DOI minting in CaltechDATA will be delayed on Saturday, December 15 due to scheduled maintenance at DataCite.  All other features of CaltechDATA will work as normal.