Techlab - 3DPrinterOS Update - August 1, 2017


Users are now able to log in remotely using 3DprinterOS to slice and send their print jobs directly to our Craftbot 3D printers.  This new process is described below.  Please email techlab [at] or christine [at] for any questions, issues and comments.

We are still testing this system out, so your feedback is very much appreciated!


1. Login using your access.caltech credentials at

  • Select SSO tab, then select Caltech
  • If it’s your first time logging in, a quick demo video should pop up.  We suggest watching it to help you get started.

2.  From 'Printers' tab, select 'More' dropdown, then 'Add Workgroup Printers'


  • Enter access code: AXs3QOkj

Please Note:  Initially, campus users will only be able to Queue jobs.  To get access to direct printing, users will need to contact us for an orientation on the new process.

3. Upload your STL or GCODE


  • For best results, we recommend continuing to slice your model using Cura or Simplify3D software to slice and then upload the finished GCODE.  The online 3DprinterOS slicer is buggy.

    • Be sure to select the right printer (Craftbot, MAKEiT, etc) and software you used to slice (Cura, Simplify3D, Slic3r) after uploading

    • uploadGCODE.PNG

  • You can also upload an STL file and use cloud-based tools to prepare your model.  

    • Click Slice to access the online slicer where you can generate a gcode file for the appropriate printer and tweak your settings.

    • sliceSTL.PNG

      -Or -

    • Click Apps and STL Editor to adjust the size or orientation of your model.  You can move to slicing directly from the STL Editor.


4. Once ready, select Print.  Check the Live View to make sure the print bed is clear before starting your print.  If the printer is free, select Print.  If a print is in progress, select Queue.





5. When you pick up your finished print, click ‘Build Tray is Clear’ button.  If there is a file in the Queue, click ‘Start’


6.  Email us for any questions, issues and feedback.

  • techlab [at]
  • christine [at]

Happy Printing!