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Ask a Librarian

Need to find sources for a paper?
Curious about publishing options and author rights?
Want to introduce new members of your research group to particular databases?
Unable to locate a journal article?
Like to learn more about the library, and what it can do for you?


ASK A LIBRARIAN…almost anything
Drop-in, make an appointment, e-mail, telephone

George Porter SFL
Engineering, Mathematics, and Geology
george AT library.caltech.edu
tel: 626-395-3409
Kristin Buxton SFL
kbuxton AT library.caltech.edu
tel: 626-395-3410
Donna Wrublewski SFL
Chemistry and Biology
dtwrublewski AT library.caltech.edu
tel: 626-395-4930
Lindsay Cleary Dabney
Humanities and Social Sciences
lindsay AT library.caltech.edu
tel: 626-395-4008
Joy Painter Cahill
Physics and Astronomy
joy AT library.caltech.edu
tel: 626-395-2290
Unsure? Email library AT caltech.edu