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Rules of Access

Access to Online Resources | Guest Cards

The Millikan Library is open to the Caltech community from 8am to 11pm weekdays and 9am to 11pm weekends and Caltech holidays. Closing is at 9pm during the summer. The Sherman Fairchild Library of Engineering and Applied Science is open to the Caltech community 8am to 1am weekdays and 9am to 1am weekends and Caltech holidays; midnight during the summer. It is open to current Caltech faculty, students and staff 24 hours a day.

Because these libraries have small, heavily used, and highly specialized collections, and provide very limited seating, they are largely unsuitable for access to general information. For these services we highly recommend visiting other local libraries. After 5pm weekdays and on all weekends and holidays, access will be granted only to those individuals carrying valid Caltech identification.

All categories of borrowers, once registered, are granted library access according to their borrowing privileges. In addition to the Caltech community, the following groups are granted library access for reference use of the collections only:

Access to Online Resources

For access to online journals and databases, if you do not have an access.caltech account, please consult the Computing Resources Policy for guidance.

Guest Reader Cards

Users with a legitimate need to use the specialized collections at Caltech may apply for this card. Graduate level status and the recommendation of two members of the Caltech Faculty or administration is required. Application is initiated at the Millikan Library circulation desk between the hours of 8am & 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Please call ahead (626-395-6401) to verify staff availability. Applicants will be notified by mail following review of their application (approximately two weeks from date of application).