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Printing, Scanning, Photocopying and Faxing

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Printer Locations:

  • SFL 1st floor
  • Millikan 1st floor
  • Dabney 1st floor
  • Cahill
  • Geology main room.
The Geology library also has a large format (36" max) printer; contact Tony Diaz (tonyd AT library.caltech.edu or x6699) for an appointment

Printing Policy
Check your printing balance
Printing instructions (including printing from your own computer)

Not available

Not available


Scanner Locations:

  • SFL 1st floor (Epson flatbed and Xerox multifunction)
  • Millikan 1st floor (Xerox multifunction)
  • Dabney 1st floor (Xerox multifunction)
  • Cahill (Xerox multifunction)
  • Geology (Epson flatbed, Xerox multifunction and large format scanner)

Scanner instructions

Standalone (USB) flatbed scanner available on SFL 1st floor for use with checkout MacBook Air or your own laptop.

Please contact library AT caltech.edu to arrange for assistance.


Photocopier Locations:

  • SFL 1st floor*
  • Millikan 1st floor*
  • Dabney 1st floor*
  • Cahill*
  • Geology main room*
  • Geology Room E (30¢ per page, card swipe copier with 11"x17" paper option)
*access.caltech login
10¢ per page.

Check your photocopying/printing balance
For departmental copying, please contact DocuServe (docuserve AT library.caltech.edu).

Not available

Not available


Fax Instructions

Faxing is only supported on the multifunction printers on SFL 1st floor.

Not Available

Not available